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Jo Knowles has made extensive use of photography over the years to capture images of the work you will find in the Youth Art Work section. This has naturally led her to explore the use of photography to express her art, typified in the Organic Urban Antidote installation.


Organic Urban Antidote

This is a large and growing collection of pictures using macro-photography to bring out the exquisite detail of the glories of nature. The photographs are arranged on 42 inch high columns, each of which reflects a colour theme. The columns are 4 inches wide for a single column, rising in equal increments to 16 inches wide for a four column piece. Smaller versions are available that are 18.5 inches high and from approximately 1.75 inches to 7 inches wide. Further details here.

The collection (referred to as an installation when shown in its entirety) can be arranged in many different ways to suit the environment in which it is being displayed. It is viral in its makeup in as much as it exists in many forms, it is constantly changing, it is continually growing, and it is accessible to everyone. As such it reflects the natural environment that is the antidote to oppressive urbanisation.

Please click on the picture to explore the Organic Urban Antidote.

Organic Urban Antidote 2

Part of the Organic Urban Antidote installation

Wordsworth Revisited

At the request of her mother, Janet, Jo also recorded the daffodils on the edge of Lake Ullswater in the English Lake District on April 15th 2002. According to the journals of Dorothy Wordsworth, sister of William Wordsworth, it was April 15th 1802 that Wordsworth saw the "host of golden daffodils" at this spot that was the inspiration for his poem. Some of the photographs taken 200 years later are recorded here.

Near Lake Ullswater

Near Lake Ullswater