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OUA21 Green Calathea, Aspidistra and Comfrey



Organic Urban Antidote


Name: Green Calathea, Aspidistra and Comfrey

Reference: OUA21-7-A

Description: Shades of green from calathea, aspidistra and comfrey in a single column collage

Organic Urban Antidote - General information

The Organic Urban Antidote Installation is made up currently with over 40 separate collagesof macro-photographic studies. As time goes on additional collages will be added. Each collage has one or more columns of 7 photographs carefully constructed by the artist from the centre and working outwards in both directions in "mirrored" effects. Each collage is a unique and valuable entity in its own right and can be displayed as such. Multiple collages form a bar code metaphor, as large and as varied as the complete Installation, or as selected themed collages.

Additionally, each collage can be disassembled into shorter columns of three or five pictures, and selected individual studies are available as dramatic abstract enlargements.

With a work of this size and the flexibility to order granular parts of it, there is a requirement to establish a means of referencing each element. The diagram to the right helps to explain how this is done. Columns are alphabetic, A in this example, and rows are numeric, 1 to 7. This is reflected in the catalogue number, e.g. OUA21-7-A refers to a collage with 7 pictures in a single column. To refer to a specific image within a collage please quote the collage number, the column and the row, e.g OUA21-A-4 for the fourth picture in column A.

OUA21 Green Calathea, Aspidistra and Comfrey