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The links provided on this page are to other artists' web sites, and to suppliers we know and trust. Some of these web sites have affiliate marketing programmes that help generate additional income for the artists and companies concerned. We support this concept and do intend to introduce our own affiliate marketing programme in the future. However, we believe that our reputation is at stake as much as the supplier, and therefore we will ony join and recommend those schemes that we are happy to trust our name to.

One of the best products we use is the Site Build It package found here:

A related link with information explaining affiliate marketing from one the very best exponents is here:

Island of Art.

"On these shores you will find a selection of very special European artists. Please visit their virtual galleries and, if you see something you like, whether it's a painting, a photograph, a religious icon, securely purchase their works of art online"

Interiors Art Design.

"Interiors art and design directory - top listings of all companies in
the art and design world, from interior designers to photography, artists
and much more."

Digiarts Fine Art Photo Gallery.

"Specialising in the technique of light painting and fine art nature photography, we present a collection of art works by photographer Geraldine Allen."

Keith Moss

Jo Knowles Fine Art are proud to be associated with Keith Moss, and have benefitted greatly from his skill, experience and from being with him. Keith is at last receiving the recognition he deserves for his stunning photographic art work. Please visit his web site to experience for yourself the power and beauty of his creations.

Frank Zipperer Photography

Nature and fine art photographic images in both color and black and white. From realism to abstract, the limited edition photographs are mounted with a white matte overlay and finished using acid free, museum quality archival materials. Note cards are also available.

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